2019-20 Rentals available NOW!

We specialize in housing near CSUC. Here you will find listings for our properties that are currently available in the Chico area, as well as links to local information.

Are you tired of dealing with huge impersonal property management companies? Try us and see how tenants are supposed to be treated. We are a very small group that responds quickly to your needs.

Management provided by: Chico Sierra Real Estate Management Inc. 180 E 9th Ave #3 Chico, CA 95926 Cal BRE 01526383, 01913885, 01146116 

How to apply!


After reading the info below:


Drive by the house you're interested in to make sure it's what you want.

Do not disturb our current tenants.

Stay out of the yard!

THIS IS A NO PARTY HOUSE, NO EXCEPTIONS! Here is some info on Partying at CSUC - read before you do something stupid http://news.csuchico.edu/2005/08/15/efforts-to-combat-highrisk-drinking-target-parties-bars/

Here are the steps before you apply:

NOTE: Before taking the time to apply: We will require the First Months Rent as well as Security Deposit via Certified Check at the time of lease signing. Further, if approved, you will need to sign the lease within 24 hours or we must move on to the next group.

  1. Elect one member of your group to act as your spokesperson, have them handle all emails, etc. Any emails your spokesperson sends should also be copied to all roomates in your group. Do not apply until after your spokesperson does, this is one of the questions on the application.
  2. If you are interested in a 4 bedroom place you must have 4 roommates ready to sign the lease. Sharing rooms to make the rent more afforable is permitted.
  3. Communicate with us via email only through our website.
  4. Read over all the forms on our website, it will improve your chances of getting a house.
  5. All members of your group must each submit online application only after your group spokesperson applies.
  6. Please have the spokesperson contact us through our website once your entire group has applied online.
  7. A $25 application fee will be collected at lease signing for each application.
  8. Appointments to see the house will be made only after all applications have been reviewed.
  9. Your chances are GREATLY IMPROVED if you carefully read and follow these instructions!
  10. All the additional completed forms will be required as soon as your group has been approved.

Be Sure to visit our Move-in and our Move-out pages for other information you need to know.


No Pets Please.