Truth Lies and Security Deposits


Every year on May 25 we find a group or two that have been caught off guard when it comes time to move and clean. I remember hearing "we've been cleaning all day" from a group that was behind. In fact, they had been MOVING all day. Moving and cleaning are two totally different things.

There is quite a bit of information here. However, it is important information. If you take the time to read it, you won't get caught off guard yourselves. Read it carefully, as we are telling you up front how to MAXIMIZE the return of your Security Deposit.

This is a busy time of year. You have finals, friends, family and summer on your minds. If you want to have a great summer (not your parents screaming at you about security deposits) you need to allow time to clean and move too.


The Myth:

Management companies will do whatever they can to keep your deposit, and you will have to fight to get it back.

The Truth:

Your deposit is held to pay for any damages (financial or physical) that you cause, and we would like NOTHING better than to give it all back!!

In fact, if you read through all of this material, follow the instructions, and don't have any outstanding balances owing, you will be very happy with the check that is returned to you.

However, you get out what you put in. If you wait until the last minute or expect that you can move and clean 12 months worth of dust and fingerprints in an afternoon, you will be disappointed.

On the following pages you will find helpful lists of things that will make your cleaning easier, as well as tips as to what, and how much to clean. We even go as far as to tell you what other people have missed, so you won't.


Cleaning product hint: Miracle cleaners, like "scrubbing bubbles" and "toilet ducks" rarely work. You will get more done, in less time, and for less money if you purchase tried and true products, such as: Comet cleanser, 409, bleach, and Windex brand glass cleaner.

These cleaners are also inexpensive, so purchase enough that three people cleaning in different rooms aren't sharing one bottle of 409.

*TIME - To play it extra safe, budget 4 hours of cleaning (real hard scrubbing, taking things to the dump, not "planning") for each month you have lived in your home.

Start Early!

You can not expect to move and clean your home, no matter how much help you have, in one day. If you are going to successfully clean your home, you need to have a game plan BEFORE the day you move. While you can't clean everything weeks in advance, you can get started.

Clean in the correct order:

Room by Room Cleaning tips:


WARNING: Do not get oven cleaner on ANYTHING but the inside of the oven. It will eat through paint and discolor chrome and plastic. Read the directions carefully!

DO NOT move appliances. If it is necessary, WE will clean under the stove. This is MUCH cheaper than paying for a damaged kitchen floor.


Bedrooms and Common Rooms:


Outside (yards and parking area)

Keys: Leave all keys on the kitchen counter and lock the doors behind you.