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Security Deposit Information


To: All Tenants - PLEASE POST
From: ChicoForRent
RE: Moving, Lease-end and Security Deposits

Over the last few weeks we have been showing your houses, and several of you have asked the same questions. For those that haven't, here are the answers anyway:


"When will I get my security deposit back?"

  • California law allows us 21 days to account for, and return any balance of your security deposit due. We do everything we can to get security deposits back to you well before the 21 days are up. You can greatly speed up the return of your security deposit by leaving your home "move in ready" for the next tenant... The less time we have to spend cleaning and fixing, the more time we can spend writing checks.

"Where will you send it?"

  • Your deposit will be mailed to the one address that you email to us. If you do not email an address we will send it to your ChicoForRent address and the post office will forward it to the forwarding address you provided them.

"What if I didn't break it?"

  • Your lease agreement is a "joint and several" agreement... In plain English, EACH tenant is responsible for his own actions, and the actions of all other tenants and guests. What does this mean to you? IF there are security deposit charges, we won't be having the discussion about WHO was at fault. That is for YOU to figure out and deal with BEFORE we make any deductions from your deposit.


We will not allow any holding over (staying beyond your lease term). Your lease expiration date is in your lease. You were aware of this date when you signed the lease, and we can not make extensions for any reason. We have many homes to work through, clean and make ready for the next tenants that are expecting to move in on a specified date. We are reminding you WELL IN ADVANCE that if you are graduating, having a party etc., and "just can't be out", that you have no choice. Our crews will be entering and making repairs and cleaning for the next residents starting at 9:00am on the day your lease expires. Please make plans NOW to be out at the end of your lease.

You ARE ready to get cleaning aren't you?