Commonly Missed Items


Smoke Detectors:

Your home was equipped with them when you moved in, they had batteries, and were working. If you have removed them, replace them, and the batteries.


This year, we replaced EVERY screen on EVERY property we own. If you have bent one, removed one, or torn one, have it fixed before we do. It will be less expensive for you to take the screen to a glass shop, than it will be for us to call out our contractor.


The locks and latches on your home's doors (including bedrooms) are part of a very elaborate company wide key system. If you have replaced any locks with those of your own, we STRONGLY suggest that you put the company locks back on the doors before you leave. Locksmithing is VERY expensive. We use (and will accept) only Kwikset brand locks.

Yards and Storage:

Your yard, and any storage areas must be left as clean and ready as the rest of your home. Moving includes ALL areas of the property. Any items left behind that are clearly not "trash" will be removed and stored (for a daily fee) off-site.


The trash company will ONLY pick up items placed in a dumpster or trash barrel. If you have "extra" trash piled around the dumpster or trash barrels, it will be removed at an extra cost by our contractors. The trash company will NOT pick up couches, tires, beds, or large items. If we have to remove these items, we charge for them.

Here are some rates:


If you have installed an extra phone line, network, cable, dsl or other line, remove it before you go. If these devices were installed by a professional, you may leave them.


If there is a non-running or un-registered vehicle on the premises at the end of your lease, it will be towed at your expense the day we take the property back.